Jerry's Transcription Discs

At Ease xxxxxx AF0577 At Ease xxxxxx AF0578 Avenger 451102 Ep022 Death Meets The Boat Avenger 451109 Ep023 Murder Hits The Jackpot Bandstand USA 481111 Epxxx Russ Moprgan
Bandstand USA 481118 Epxxx Russ Moprgan Boris Karloff Presents xxxxxx AF0075 Helen Hayes Stage Debute Boris Karloff Presents xxxxxx AF0076 Little Things Have Big Consequences Boris Karloff Presents xxxxxx AF0081 Flight Longest Flight Without Refueling Boris Karloff Presents xxxxxx AF0082 Maps, Where Did They Begin
Break The Bank 491214 Epxxx Did You Know xxxxxx AF0011 Peggy Lee- Blues In The Night Did You Know xxxxxx AF0012 Guy Mitchell-Singing The Blues Did You Know xxxxxx AF0017 Army Put Ice In Greenland To Work Did You Know xxxxxx AF0017 Original Reagon For Awarding The Purple Heart
Don't You Believe It xxxxxx AF0127 The Name Of The Famous Magician Was Houdini Don't You Believe It xxxxxx AF0128 Phi Beta Kappa Began As An Honorary Society Don't You Believe It xxxxxx AF0129 The Blarney Stone Is Irish Don't You Believe It xxxxxx AF0136 Darwin Originated Theory Of Evolution Don't You Believe It xxxxxx AF0137 Georgia Is The Peach State
Don't You Believe It xxxxxx AF0138 Albert Einstein Was German Citizan When He Fled Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories xxxxxx AF0172- Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories xxxxxx AF0173- Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories xxxxxx AF0174- Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories xxxxxx AF0181-
Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories xxxxxx AF0182- Duffy's Tavern-Archie's Short Stories xxxxxx AF0183- E Power Bigg 581119 AF0158 Telemann Program E Power Biggs 57xxxx AF0064 Guest Philip Kaplan E Power Biggs 57xxxx AF0105
E Power Biggs 57xxxx AF0113 E Power Biggs 58xxxx AF0121 E Power Biggs 58xxxx AF0157 1st Organ Concerto in D Minor E Power Biggs 571229 AF0114 Liszt The Christmas Tree E Power Biggs 580105 AF0115 Corelli
E Power Biggs 580112 AF0116 E Power Biggs 580119 AF0117 E Power Biggs 581005 AF0152 E Power Biggs 581012 AF0153 History Of The Organ E Power Biggs 581026 AF0155
E Power Biggs 581102 AF0156 Ed Sullivan Show 561216 AF0056 Eloise Mays 50xxxx Candidate for Merin School Superintendant Escape 490409 Ep066 When The Man Comes, Follow Him Fifteen Minutes With Bing Crosby - 310902 - from wartime cardboard copy 78s, 1st and last song - Rondine dub - Pt. 01
Fred Waring Show (Fels-Naptha Soap Hour) 351203 Ep022 Ring dem Bells Duke Ellington Freddie Martin Orchestra 440120 Front Line Theater 430510 AF0032 Johnny Eager Gov George E Earle's Address to the Legislature 370105 Grab Bag xxxxxx AF0029 Lone Ranger
Guest Star 590719 Ep643 June Valli Guest Star 590726 Ep644 Vaughn Monroe Guest Star 590802 Ep645 Metropolitan Jazz Quartette-Lou Garisto Guest Star 590809 Ep646 Tommy Leonetti Guy Lombardo Show 450925 AF0086 June Is Busting Out All Over
Heartbeat Theater 570511 Ep0059 A Tuesday In Cedarville Heartbeat Theater 570518 Ep0060 Dialog In A Diner Heartbeat Theater 570525 Ep0061 The Challenge Heartbeat Theater 570601 Ep0062 Shortyson Heartbeat Theater 740504 Ep0949 Sandy's Audition
Heartbeat Theater 740512 Ep0950 Reflections Of The Past Heartbeat Theater 740519 Ep0951 The Mouth Of Fools Heartbeat Theater 740526 Ep0952 Lost Heartbeat Theater 740728 Ep0961 A Gift With Strings Heartbeat Theater 740804 Ep0962 Big Shot
Heartbeat Theater 740811 Ep0963 In Rememberance Of The Slum Sisters Heartbeat Theater 740818 Ep0964 My Name Is Eddie Arthur Heartbeat Theater 740922 Ep0969 E-Z Credit Heartbeat Theater 740929 Ep0970 Mrs Higgins Good Taste Heartbeat Theater 741006 Ep0971 Proof Of A Man
Heartbeat Theater 741013 Ep0972 A Stitch Is Time Heartbeat Theater 741215 Ep0981 Nothing Ever Happens In Parkersville Heartbeat Theater 741222 Ep0982 A Second Chance Heartbeat Theater 741229 Ep0983 A Sense Of Balance Heartbeat Theater 750105 Ep0984 Social Alcoholic
Heartbeat Theater 750205 Ep0989 Day Nursary Heartbeat Theater 750216 Ep0990 The Drums Of Ramur Heartbeat Theater 750223 Ep0991 The Sketchbook And The Football Coach Heartbeat Theater 750309 Ep0993 Pin-Point In The Atlantic Heartbeat Theater 750316 Ep0994 It's Never Too Late
Heartbeat Theater 750323 Ep0995 The Gurandera Heartbeat Theater 750330 Ep0996 Trust In His Love Heartbeat Theater 750629 Ep1009 The Inmate Heartbeat Theater 750706 Ep1010 Fourth Of July Renunion Heartbeat Theater 750713 Ep1011 Bad Night On Resurrection Bay
Heartbeat Theater 750720 Ep1012 Another Chance Heartbeat Theater 760111 Ep1037 The Cage Heartbeat Theater 760118 Ep1038 A Candle In The House Heartbeat Theater 760125 Ep1039 Lost, But Not Always Found Heartbeat Theater 760201 Ep1040 None Are So Blind
Heartbeat Theater 7750302 Ep0992 Hostage Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0148 Eddie Condon Orchestra Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0149 Chuck Foster Orchestra Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0177 Elliot Lawrence Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0178 Russ Morgan
Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0445 Dick Stable And Dean Martin Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0446 Francis Scott Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0464 Florian Zabach Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0465 Lawrence Welk Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0535 Tommy Reynolds
Here's To Veterans xxxxxx Ep0536 Milton Berle Hollywood Star Playhouse 500710 Ep012 The Archer Hollywood Star Time 461207 Ep027 Dulcy Jack Armstrong 410507 Ep1673 Adventure Of The Uranium Deposit Jack Carson Show 450328 Ep096 Time Marches On
Jill's All Time Juke Box 490315 Ep234 Benny Goodman 'Sleepiy Time Down South' Joe Reichman Show xxxxxx AF0015 Just Jazz 490808 AF0054 Woody Herman and His Orchestra Just Jazz 491024 Af0065 Charlie Ventura and His Orchestra Just Jazz 491031 AF0066 Eddie Miller and The Bobcats
Just Jazz 491114 AF0068 Sarah Vaughan Line Up 510118 Ep022 Yudo in Ypsilanti Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep001 Minuet, From L'Arlesienne Suite - Bizet Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep002 Londonderry Air - By Percy Grainger Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep053 Cortege From Caucasian Sketches
Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep054 Professional Dance - Feramors - Rubinstein Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep055 Erlking - Schubert Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep056 Symphony No 6 - Tchaikovsky Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep057 Stabat Mater Cujus Animam List Rossini Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep058 March Of The Marionettes By Gounod
Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep059 Overture To Hms Pinafore - Sullivan Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep060 Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 Franz Liszt Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep063 Mendelssohn Violin Concerto Finale Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep064 Violin Concerto Aria - Goldmark Piastro Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep065 March Of The Boyars - Halvorsen
Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep066 Interrupted Reverie - Tchaikovsky Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep067 Morning, Noon And Night In Vienna - Franz Von Suppe Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep068 Maritana Overture Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep069 Morning - Peer Gynt Suite - Grieg Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep070 Barber Of Seville Overture - Rossini
Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep071 In The Village - Caucasian Sketches Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep072 Moonlight Sonata Presto Agitato Movement -Beethoven Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep073 Prologue - Pagliacci Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep074 Swan Lake Ballet - Tchaikovsky Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep075 Cortge De Bacchus Lo Delibes
Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep076 Malaguena - Boabdil - Moszkowski Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep077 Pas De Caractere - Glazounov Longines Symphonette Xxxxxx Ep078 Changing Of Guards - Carmen - Bizet Lux Radio Theater 470609 Ep576 One More Tomorrow Mercer McLeod, the Man With the Story xxxxxx Ep047 The Spineless Man
Mercer McLeod, the Man With the Story xxxxxx Ep048 Blood On the Doorstep Mirth & Madness - 360712 - musical number Here in Hollywood - sleeve info Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep078 Elmer Runs Newspaper Ad For Elmer Peabody Ski Club Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep079 Si Plans To Teach Kalsomine Tricks, Sheriff Introduces Gregory Case Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep080- Sheriff Briefs Si & Elmer & Tests Gregory's Radio
Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep081 Si, Elmer & Sheriff Listen To Gregory's Radio Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep084 Si & Elmer Hear The Voice Of Doom On The Radio Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep085 Si & Elmer Hear The Voice Of Doom Again Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep086 Sheriff Comes Over To Scare Elmer Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep087 Si & Elmer Sit With Mr Gregory, Hear Mysterious Voice
Molle Mystery Theater 441212 Ep063 The Bottle Imp Morning Melodies xxxxxx AF0131 Morning Melodies xxxxxx AF0132 Green Light Revue Morning Melodies xxxxxx AF0371 Mary Ann Mercer Morning Melodies xxxxxx AF0372 Johnny Hill
Music By Rex Koury xxxxxx AF0481 I'm Old Fashioned NBC Symphony xxxxxx Af0013 Night Cap Yarns 39xxxx RR3716 Escaped Convict Night Cap Yarns 39xxxx RR3719 It Makes Them Or Breaks Them Old Gold Hour - 33xxxx - 'Blue Prelude' vocal refrain - with long lead-in
One Night Stand 430907 Ep0003 Charlie Spivak And His Orchestra, June Hutton One Night Stand 440403 Ep0196 Glen Gray One Night Stand 440716 Ep0468 Joe Reichman One Night Stand 440908 Ep0407 Carmen Cavalaro One Night Stand 450113 Ep0792 Carmen Cavalaro
One Night Stand 501025 Ep2335 Eddie LeBarron One Night Stand xxxxxx Ep2977 Lawrence Welk Ozzie And Harriet 441119 Ep007 Ozzie Enters A Contest Passing Parade 491129 Ep129 Seal-Sea Story Passing Parade 491130 Ep130 Barney The Dog
Persian Way of Life - 5xxxxx - NBC labels, late 50s - unidentified female vocal, male playing piano - Rondine dub Philco Radio Time 481013 Ep075 Ray Milland - Marilyn Maxwell Radio Hall of Fame 441231 Ep055 Showboat Red Nichols Show 510906 Ep011 My Adobe Hacienda Red Nichols Show 510913 Ep012 Buddy's Habits
Reichrundfunk - 391024 Epxxx 1st Finnish Delgation Negotiates In Moscow Rep Helen Gahagan Douglas Presents a Report on UN Security Council - 50xxxx Richard Diamond 530913 Ep156 Charles Johnson Matter Rogue's Gallery 451115 Ep021 House Of Fear Screen Guild Theater 430510 Ep143 Johnny Eager
Sealtest Village Store 440120 Ep029 Gold Mine Seger Ellis Demo xxxxxx Poundin' On the Piano Showtime From Hollywood xxxxxx Epxxx Freddie Martin Spotlight Bands 440429 Ep0504 Les Brown Spotlight Story xxxxxx AF0141 W C Crush & Train Ridership
Strange 550615 Ep013 The Vampire of Croglin Grange Suspense 560711 Ep658 Want Ad Suspense 570915 Ep716 Night On Red Mountain Suspense 571110 Ep724 The Pit And The Pendulum Suspense 571117 Ep725 The City That Was
Suspense 571124 Ep726 Star Of Thessaly Suspense 571201 Ep727 Jet Stream Suspense 571208 Ep728 Speed Trap Suspense 580112 Ep733 The Island Suspense 580914 Ep768 Command
Suspense 581011 Ep772 The Treasure Chest Of Don Jose Suspense 581018 Ep773 Three Skeleton Key Suspense 581123 Ep778 Dear Niece Suspense 581207 Ep780 Tom Dooley Suspense 581214 Ep781 For Old Times Sake
Syndicate Pictures Presents Jack Hoxie - Marshall of Money Mint 300915 That Brewster Boy 431210 Ep120 Stockboy Position That Brewster Boy 431217 Ep121 Minerva's Cooking The Harlem Hospitality Club 47xxxx AF0016 Three O'Clock In The Morning Tom Breneman's Laugh Parade 450808 EpAud Audition Show
Tonight Show 1369 Vagabonds 440920 Whistler 450507 Ep154 Accident-According To Plans Whistler 450604 Ep158 Murder Is Blind Whistler 450716 Ep164 Pattern For Terror
Whistler 460114 Ep190 Hit And Run Whistler 460128 Ep192 Strange Sisters Wings of the Dragon 37xxxx Ep001 The Black Ghost Makes An Air Raid Wings of the Dragon 37xxxx Ep007 Jack Visits Jonya X Minus One 570912 Ep111 The Old Die Rich
Your Hit Parade 421107 AF0002 I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo