Jerry's Transcription Discs

Americans All-Immigrants All 381113 Ep001 Opening Frontiers Americans All-Immigrants All 381120 Ep002 Our English Heritage Americans All-Immigrants All 381127 Ep003 Our Hispanic Heritage Americans All-Immigrants All 381204 Ep004 Scotch, Scotch-Irish and Welsh Americans All-Immigrants All 381211 Ep005 Winning Freedom
Americans All-Immigrants All 381218 Ep006 The Negro In The United States Americans All-Immigrants All 381225 Ep007 French Speaking Peoples Americans All-Immigrants All 390102 Ep008 Upsurge In Democracy_001 Americans All-Immigrants All 390108 Ep009 Irish In The United States Americans All-Immigrants All 390115 Ep010 Germans In The United States
Americans All-Immigrants All 390122 Ep011 Scandinavians In The United States Americans All-Immigrants All 390129 Ep012 Closing Frontiers Americans All-Immigrants All 390205 Ep013 Jews In United States Americans All-Immigrants All 390212 Ep014 Slavs In The United States Part I Americans All-Immigrants All 390219 Ep015 Slavs In The United States Part II
Americans All-Immigrants All 390329 Ep020 Contributions In Industry Americans All-Immigrants All 390402 Ep021 Contributions In Science Americans All-Immigrants All 390409 Ep022 Arts And Crafts Americans All-Immigrants All 390507 Ep026 Grand Finale Arthur Godfrey Show AF2138 650405- National Boy's Club Week
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2139 650406- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2140 650407 Carolyn Mignini- 1965 Miss Teenage America Arthur Godfrey Show AF2141 650408- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2148 650419 Nipsey Russell Arthur Godfrey Show AF2149 650420 Carole Sloane
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2150 650421 About Children Arthur Godfrey Show AF2151 650422 76th Anniversary of Oklahoma Land Opening To Settlers Arthur Godfrey Show AF2173 650524- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2174 650525- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2178 650531-
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2179 650601- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2180 650602 Wedding Ring History Arthur Godfrey Show AF2181 650603 Summer Sounds Arthur Godfrey Show AF2205 650707 Guest-Marty Ingels Arthur Godfrey Show AF2205 650707-
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2206 650707- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2206 650708 Barbara Nicholes Arthur Godfrey Show AF2218 650726 Steve Lawrence Subs Arthur Godfrey Show AF2219 650727 Steve Lawrence Subs Arthur Godfrey Show AF2220 650728 Steve Lawrence Subs
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2221 650729 Steve Lawrence Subs Arthur Godfrey Show AF2222 650729 Steve Lawrence Subs Arthur Godfrey Show AF2223 650802 Steve Lawrence Subs Arthur Godfrey Show AF2224 650803 Eydie Gorme Subs Arthur Godfrey Show AF2235 650818 Orson Bean Subs
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2236 650819 Orson Bean Subs Arthur Godfrey Show AF2242 650827 Eddy Arnold Subs Arthur Godfrey Show AF2248 650906 Godfrey's Back Arthur Godfrey Show AF2249 650907 Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines Arthur Godfrey Show AF2250 650908 Linda Scott
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2251 650909 American Frugal Housewife Arthur Godfrey Show AF2262 650922- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2551 661103- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2552 661104- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2557 661111-
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2589 661227 Dorothy Shay Arthur Godfrey Show AF2626 670216- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2627 670217- Arthur Godfrey Show AF2628 670220 Seems Like Old Times Arthur Godfrey Show AF2629 670221-
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2640 670308 Pete Barbutti Arthur Godfrey Show AF2641 67xxxx Johnny Nash Arthur Godfrey Show AF2643 67xxxx Marbles Arthur Godfrey Show AF2644 67xxxx Marilyn Michales Arthur Godfrey Show AF2645 67xxxx Everyone Is Naked Under Their Clothes
Arthur Godfrey Show AF2646 67xxxx Watching All The Girls Go By Arthur Godfrey Show AF2648 67xxxx The Satisfiers Arthur Godfrey Show AF2649 67xxxx Ethel Ennis Arthur Godfrey Show AF2650 67xxxx The Trusting Souls Arthur Godfrey Show AF2651 67xxxx Cabaret
Avenger 450928 Ep017 Death In Mid Air Avenger 451005 Ep018 Hooded Circle Boswell Sisters 1935 Ep009 Burns And Allen 420512 Ep032 Smiling Georgie Burns Country Music Time Ep0456 AF0008 xxxxxx Bobby Baer, Four Strong Winds
Favorite Story 460625 Ep002 Cyrano De Bergerac Favorite Story 460709 Ep004 Little Women Favorite Story 460723 Ep006 Great Expectations Favorite Story 460730 Ep007 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Favorite Story 460813 Ep009 Huck Finn
Favorite Story 460820 Ep010 Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Favorite Story 460827 Ep011 Bishop's Candlesticks Favorite Story 460910 Ep013 Meridian 7-1212 Favorite Story 460917 Ep014 Gulliver's Travels Favorite Story 460924 Ep015 Sire De Maletroit's Door
Favorite Story 461001 Ep016 A Tale Of Two Cities Favorite Story 461015 Ep018 Arabian Nights Favorite Story 461022 Ep019 Count Of Monte Cristo Favorite Story 461029 Ep020 Phantom Ricksha Favorite Story 461105 Ep021 From The Earth To The Moon
Favorite Story 461112 Ep022 Vanity Fair Favorite Story 461119 Ep023 Man Who Sold His Shadow To The Devil Favorite Story 461126 Ep024 Prince And The Pauper Favorite Story 461203 Ep025 Wuthering Heights Favorite Story 461224 Ep028 Blessed Are The
Favorite Story 470218 Ep036 Frankenstein Favorite Story 470218 Ep036 Frankenstein-Rehearsal Favorite Story 470225 Ep037 Alice In Wonderland Favorite Story 470304 Ep038 Marco Polo Favorite Story 470304 Ep038 Marco Polo-Rehearsal
Favorite Story 470311 Ep039 Jamie Freel (Rehearsal) Favorite Story 470311 Ep039 Jamie Freel Favorite Story 470325 Ep041 Lodging For A Night Favorite Story 470401 Ep042 Ben Hur-A Tale Of The Christ Favorite Story 470401 Ep042 Ben Hur-A Tale Of The Christ-Rehearsal
Favorite Story 470429 Ep046 Oliver Twist Favorite Story 470506 Ep047 Window In Thurms Favorite Story 470506 Ep047 Window In Thurms-Rehearsal Favorite Story 470513 Ep048 Debt-Collector Favorite Story 470520 Ep049 Glass Eye
Favorite Story 470527 Ep050 Man Without A Country Favorite Story 470603 Ep051 Casey At The Bat Favorite Story 470610 Ep052 Mary Queen Of Scots Favorite Story 470916 Ep053 Peter Ibbetson Favorite Story 470923 Ep054 Tom Sawyer
Favorite Story 471028 Ep059 Bottle Imp Favorite Story 471104 Ep060 Cashel Byron's Profession Favorite Story 471111 Ep061 Mutineers Of The Bounty Favorite Story 471118 Ep062 Golden Ingot Favorite Story 471209 Ep065 Washington Square
Favorite Story 471216 Ep066 Man From Yesterday Favorite Story 471223 Ep067 Journey To Bethlehem Favorite Story 471230 Ep068 Suicide Club Favorite Story 480106 Ep069 Lost Horizon Favorite Story 480113 Ep070 Man Who Married A Dumb Wife
Favorite Story 480120 Ep071 Light That Failed Favorite Story 480127 Ep072 Around The World In 80 Days Favorite Story 480203 Ep073 Escape To Nowhere Favorite Story 480210 Ep074 Brownings Favorite Story 480217 Ep075 Sunken City
Favorite Story 480224 Ep076 Young Years Favorite Story 480302 Ep077 Window Favorite Story 480309 Ep078 Tale Of Two Cities Favorite Story 480330 Ep081 The Diamond Lens Favorite Story 480406 Ep082 Green Mansions
Favorite Story 480413 Ep083 Rhythm Favorite Story 480420 Ep084 Crime Of Silvestre Bonnard Favorite Story 480427 Ep085 Treasure Island Favorite Story 480504 Ep086 Son's Veto Favorite Story 480511 Ep087 Gift Of Laughter
Favorite Story 480518 Ep088 The Bet Favorite Story 480608 Ep091 Blue Danube Favorite Story 480914 Ep092 Country Of The Blind Favorite Story 480921 Ep093 Piece Of String Favorite Story 480928 Ep094 Youth
Favorite Story 481005 Ep095 The Valiant Favorite Story 481012 Ep096 Maniac Favorite Story 481019 Ep097 All My Children Favorite Story 481026 Ep098 Jest Of Hahalaba Favorite Story 481109 Ep099 Work Of Art
Favorite Story 481116 Ep100 The Assignation Favorite Story 481123 Ep101 Long Ago Favorite Story 481130 Ep102 The Time Machine Favorite Story 481207 Ep103 TheMonkey's Paw Favorite Story 481214 Ep104 Billy The Kid
Favorite Story 481221 Ep105 Journey To Bethlehem Favorite Story 481228 Ep106 The Copper Penny Favorite Story 490104 Ep107 The Gambler Favorite Story 490111 Ep108 Love Story Of Francesca Da Rimini Favorite Story 490118 Ep109 Roll-Call Of The Reef
Favorite Story 490125 Ep110 Judgment Of Paris Favorite Story 490201 Ep111 How Much Land Does A Man Need Favorite Story 490208 Ep112 Magic Shop Favorite Story 490215 Ep113 The Flying Dutchman Favorite Story 490222 Ep114 The Dynamiter
Favorite Story 490301 Ep115 Enoch Soames Favorite Story 490308 Ep116 When The Door Opened Favorite Story 490315 Ep117 The Young Man Who Stroked Cats Favorite Story 490322 Ep118 Change Of Face Favorite Story 490329 Ep119 The Passing Of The 3rd Floor Back
Flight Line Parade AF0018 xxxxxx King Cotton Flight Line Parade AF0021 xxxxxx Thunder And Blazes Flight Line Parade AF0022 xxxxxx Hands Across The Sea Gabriel Heatter 490425 Epxxx Marital Advice Guest Star 580615 Ep586 Dixieland Band
Inside View Of Agriculture 530223 Audition 1 Henry Schacht Reports Inside View Of Agriculture 530224 Audition 2 Henry Schacht Report Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep019 Clarence Muse That's Why Darkies Were Born Laff Parade34xxxx Ep020 The Two Black Jacks, Minstrel Group Mercer McLeod, the Man With the Story xxxxxx Ep045 The Great Mallon
Mercer McLeod, the Man With the Story xxxxxx Ep046 Obituary In Advance Navy Swings AF0399 xxxxxx Fran Warren, Marty Napoleon Quintette Navy Swings AF0400 xxxxxx Irving Green Sextette, Tommy Leonetti Navy Swings AF0401 xxxxxx Joe Williams, Eddie Safranski Off The Wing Tip AF0110 xxxxxx New York City Police Dept
Off The Wing Tip AF0147 xxxxxx Reno, Nevada-Wing Riding Off The Wing Tip AF0148 xxxxxx Tucson, Arizona Off The Wing Tip AF0149 xxxxxx Mormon Tabernacle Radio Broadcasts Off The Wing Tip AF0150 xxxxxx Vince Evans, Salt Lake City, Utah Off The Wing Tip AF0161 xxxxxx Portland, Oregon, City of Roses
Off The Wing Tip AF0162 xxxxxx Boys Town, Nebraska Off The Wing Tip AF0164 xxxxxx Frank Carney Pizza Hut, Wichita, Kansas Off The Wing Tip AF0165 xxxxxx Bellingham, Washington Off The Wing Tip AF0166 xxxxxx John Fulton,Crown Zellerbach Corp Off The Wing Tip AF0167 xxxxxx University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Off The Wing Tip AF0169 xxxxxx Henry Garris, San Antonio, Texas Off The Wing Tip AF0170 xxxxxx Jack Butterfield, San Antonio, Texas Off The Wing Tip AF0171 xxxxxx Jackson Mississippi Off The Wing Tip AF0172 xxxxxx Sandia Peak Tramway, Albuquerque Price Of Liberty xxxxxx Ep003 Trial Of Peter Zenger
Price Of Liberty xxxxxx Ep004 Sir William Johnson Rube Goldberg 1930's Audition Why Is The Human Race, And If So, Who Cares Santa Barbara Radio Players of the Community Institute 490411 Ep023 Columbia Lou Gehrig Santa Barbara Radio Players of the Community Institute 490425 Ep024 Cleopatra, Woman of the World Santa Barbara Radio Players of the Community Institute 490606 Ep030 The Man Who Split Himself
Science Editor Ep0714 AF0494 xxxxxx English Isolation Science Editor Ep0725 AF0493 xxxxxx Crying Babies Science Editor Ep0743 AF0490 xxxxxx Life On Mars Science Editor Ep0747 AF0495 xxxxxx The Earth Of The Future Strolling Tom 450205 Epxxx Wonderful Words Of Life
Strolling Tom 450403 Epxxx Strolling Tom 450715 Epxxx Strolling Tom 450729 Epxxx The Tie That Binds Strolling Tom 451219 Epxxx Strolling Tom 460127 Epxxx
Strolling Tom 460203 Epxxx Strolling Tom 460317 Epxxx Strolling Tom 460512 Epxxx Mother's Day Strolling Tom 460512 Epxxx Strolling Tom 470420 Epxxx
Strolling Tom 470831 Epxxx Strolling Tom 471005 Epxxx Strolling Tom 480414 Epxxx Strolling Tom 481004 Epxxx Strolling Tom 481017 Epxxx
Strolling Tom 491103 Epxxx Words With Music 450111 Ep0023 Janet Waldo reading Norman Corwin World Of Show Business AF0667 xxxxxx Theodore Bikel World Of Show Business xxxxxx AF687 Tom Jones World Of Show Business xxxxxx AF702 Celeste Holm
World Of Show Business xxxxxx AF707 Matt Monro Your America AF0030 xxxxxx The State of Mississippi Your America AF0038 xxxxxx The State of Texas Your America AF0041 xxxxxx The State of California Your America AF0042 xxxxxx The State of Minnesota