Jerry's Transcription Discs

19th Annual Herald Tribune Forum 501023 EpSpec Guest Speaker-Marguerite Higgins 47th Ann convention of Advertizing Association of the West 500627 Keynote Speaker-Edward Ware Barrett Affairs Of Peter Salem 491226 Ep034 Allen Prescott, The Wife Saver 460415 Ep037 If I Had You Allen Prescott, The Wife Saver 460422 Ep038 When My Dreamboat Comes Home
Allen Prescott, The Wife Saver 460520 Ep043 Linger Awhile Allen Prescott, The Wife Saver 460527 Ep044 Under A Blanket Of Blues America Sings xxxxxx Carmen Dragon Orchestra - Me And My Shadow America's Popular Music AF0175 Bob Crosby America's Popular Music AF0305 The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks
Backstage USA xxxxxx Pajama Game interview by Curt Pendergrass-Marguerite Shaw, Don Moreno Beulah Show 470702 Epxxx Beulah's New Job Bobby Benson And The B-Bar-B Riders 501021 Epxxx Canyon of Magic Echos Campbell Playhouse 410530 Ep027 The Hero Chicago Theater 490813 Ep305 Two Grenadiers
Chicago Theater 491112 Ep312 Madame Butterfly Chicago Theater 491119 Ep313 The Gondoliers Club 15 480305 Ep180 Ooh! Look A There, Ain't She Pretty Contrasts In Rhythm xxxxxx I Still Love You David Rose Show 501220
Douglas MacArthur Final Speech 510419 'Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away Dr Michaelson 491009 Jewish Sermon Earl Warren For Governor 48xxxx Leo Carrillo Speech Enchanted Hour 490925 Ep018 Classical Symphony Enchanted Hour 501001 Ep070 La Boheme
End Of An Era 530118 EpSpec Presidential years of Franklin D Roosevelt and Harry Truman Five Minuite Mysteries Reel 02- Five Minuite Mysteries Reel 06- Five Minuite Mysteries Reel 07- Five Minuite Mysteries Reel 09-
Five Minuite Mysteries Reel 10- Five Minuite Mysteries Reel 11- Five Minuite Mysteries Reel 12- Five Minuite Mysteries Reel 13- Five Minuite Mysteries Reel 14-
Frank Farrell xxxxxx EpAud Audition Program In My Opinion 470911 Epxxx Should The United Nations Act On Spain Inside Sports 510831 New York State Medical Advisory Board Jack Benny 470316 Ep025 Sportsmen Replacement Jack Haley's Wonder Show 390317 Ep023 'There Goes My Scalp' (Rehearsal of 3-15-39)
Jack Kirkwood Show 530810 Epxxx Kirkwood Catering Service Jack Smith Show 57xxxx Guest DJ-Anna Maria Alberghetti-I Can't Resist You Jazz Music-Side 1- Jazz Music-Side 2- Jill's All Time Juke Box #13 AFRS pt1
Jill's All-Time Juke Box #54 AFRS pt1 Jill's All-Time Juke Box 440926 Ep001 Woody Herman 'Woodchopper's Ball' Jill's All-Time Juke Box 450710 Ep042 Bing Crosby In 1931 Jill's All-Time Juke Box 450717 Ep043 Benny Goodman 'Down South Camp Meetin' Jill's All-Time Juke Box 450724 Ep044 Benny Goodman 'Star Dust'
Jill's All-Time Juke Box 450731 Ep045 Benny Goodman Jill's All-Time Juke Box 450821 Ep048 Tommy Dorsey 'Boogie Woogie' Jill's All-Time Juke Box 450911 Ep051 Benny Goodman 'Roll 'Em' Jill's All-Time Juke Box 451023 Ep057 Count Basie 'One O'Clock Jump' Jill's All-Time Juke Box 460827 Ep101 Bunny Berigan 'Caravan'
Jill's All-Time Juke Box 460903 Ep102 Benny Goodman 'Down South Camp Meeting' Jill's All-Time Juke Box 460910 Ep103 Bunny Berigan 'A Study In Brown' Jill's All-Time Juke Box 460917 Ep104 Benny Goodman 'I Got Rhythm' Jill's All-Time Juke Box 461008 Ep107 'Muskrat Ramble' Jill's All-Time Juke Box 461225 Epspec Christmas Juke Box - 1946
Jill's All-Time Juke Box 470913 Ep158 Jill's All-Time Juke Box 480511 Ep190 Dave Rose - Dinah Shore Jill's All-Time Juke Box 490315 Ep234 Benny Goodman 'Sleepiy Time Down South' Johnson Family 490725 Epxxx Brother Johnson Is Being Evicted By His Brother-In-Law King's Men 461210 Test Pressing
Labor Interview xxxxxx Interview with Longshoremen about working conditions Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep009- Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep010- Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep019 Clarence Muse That's Why Darkies Were Born Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep020 The Two Black Jacks, Minstrel Group
Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep023- Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep024- Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep029- Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep030- Laff Parade 34xxxx Ep035-
Life Of Riley 311010 Ep001 Riley Wins Popularity Contest Off To California Life Of Riley 311017 Ep002 An Appointment With L J Cheatham, Swindler Life Of Riley 311024 Ep003 Riley Visiting Football Star Red Grange Life Of Riley 311031 Ep004 Short On Money Life Of Riley 311107 Ep005 Riley Crashes Lavish Party
Life Of Riley 311114 Ep006 Riley Made Vice President Of Picture Company Life Of Riley 311121 Ep007 New Office For Vice President Of Eureka Pictures Life Of Riley 311128 Ep008 Sally Interviews Frank Curitio Life Of Riley 311205 Ep009 Riley Enters His New Studio Life Of Riley 311212 Ep010 Riley Gets Car Taken And Performs For Jean Harlow
Life Of Riley 311219 Ep011 Planning To Make A Picture And Pay The Bills Life Of Riley 311226 Ep012 Cheathum And Skinner Returning From South America Life Of Riley 320102 Ep013 Movie Preview Lone Ranger 500918 Ep1981 The Decoy Lone Ranger 500920 Ep1982 Bridge Of Destiny
Lone Ranger 500922 Ep1983 City Of Refuge Lone Ranger 500925 Ep1984 Downfall Of Buzz Darby Lone Ranger 501002 Ep1987 The Tomahawk Trail Lone Ranger 501004 Ep1988 The Go-Between Lone Ranger 501009 Ep1990 Claim Of Death
Lone Ranger 501013 Ep1992 A Call For Help (2) Lone Ranger 501013 Ep1992 A Call For Help Lone Ranger 501016 Ep1993 Valley Of Death Lone Ranger 501020 Ep1995 The Jolly Tubby Morgan Lone Ranger 501025 Ep1997 Cave Of Terror
Lone Ranger 501027 Ep1998 Marked For Death Lone Ranger 501103 Ep2001 Smooth Larry's Plan Lone Ranger 501106 Ep2002 One-Eyed Bandit Lone Ranger 501113 Ep2005 Three Months To Live Lone Ranger 501117 Ep2007 The Prodigal Sheriff
Lone Ranger 501120 Ep2008 Dead Man's Boots Lone Ranger 501127 Ep2011 Old Ned's Adventure Lone Ranger 501129 Ep2012 Rainbow Stampede Lone Ranger 501206 Ep2015 The Ribbon Of Honor Lone Ranger 501211 Ep2017 Deadly Silver
Lone Ranger 501213 Ep2018 The Stolen Watch Lone Ranger 501218 Ep2020 Marked For Death Lone Ranger 501220 Ep2021 As The Arrow Points Lone Ranger 501222 Ep2022 Attack At Dawn Magic Rhythm 490723 Epxxx Room Full Of Roses
Mail Call 440614 Ep096 Walter Winchell, Ginny Simms, Jack Haley, Nat King Cole Trio, Ella Logan Man On The Farm 510106 Matty Malneck 390323 Epxxx Matty Malneck 390329 George Gershwin Tribute Meet Your Match 491224 Ep013 Christmas Program
Molle Mystery Theater 470912 Ep097 Death Goes Shopping Monitor AF0328- Monitor AF0329- Moon Over Africa 350316 Ep001 Talking Head Moon Over Africa 350323 Ep002 Atlantis Quest
Mr President 500423 Ep148 Thomas Jefferson Mr President 501105 Ep176 James K Polk Mr President 501129 Ep180 Ulysses S Grant Mr President 501206 Ep181 William B McKinley Mr President 501213 Ep182 James Knox Polk
Mr President-From FDR To Eisenhaur 530118 NBC Special Presentation Music By Woodbury 391110 It's A Hap-Hap-Happy Day Music By Woodbury 400205 Epxxx In A Monastery Garden Music By Woodbury 400212 Epxxx Give a Little Whistle Mutual Newsreel 491205
Muzzy Marcelino & Orchestra xxxxxx Kerry Dancers NBC University Theater 490827 Ep055 1984 NBC University Theater 500521 Ep089 House In Paris Philco Radio Time 470528 Ep033 Margaret O'Brien Philco Radio Time 480225 Ep058 Peggy Lee
Plantation Jamboree 490826 Ep031 Prize Fighting Queen For A Day 490823 Geust Host-Ben Alexander Queen For A Day 500213 Red Cross Program 510413 Aaron Cole Interview About Korea Robert F Hurleigh News 501130 Epxxx Allied Restistant Stiffens In Korea
Robert Seagrest News 471226 Rocky Jordan 530619 Ep056 Adventure in Zaqaziq San Morino News Bullitons 490410 Kathy Fiscus Tragedy Say It With Music 500522 Epxxx Candy & Cake Say It With Music 500627 Epxxx By the Sey
Screen Director's Playhouse 490123 Ep003 The Exile Sextette From Hunger Series A007 48xxxx Harry 'The Hipster' Gibson Sextette From Hunger Series A008 48xxxx Hollywood Four Blazes Sextette From Hunger Series A011 48xxxx The Lyttle Sisters Sextette From Hunger Series A012 48xxxx Mel Torme
Sextette From Hunger Series A013 48xxxx The Sportsmen Quartet Sextette From Hunger Series A014 48xxxx Larry Stewart Sextette From Hunger Series A015 48xxxx Four Joe's and a Jane Sextette From Hunger Series A016 48xxxx The Mellow-Aires with Buddy Cole Sextette From Hunger Series A017 48xxxx Barclay Allen
Sextette From Hunger Series A018 48xxxx Anita Boyer Sextette From Hunger Series A019 48xxxx Kitty Kallen Sextette From Hunger Series A020 48xxxx Les Paul Trio Sextette From Hunger Series A021 48xxxx Miguelito Valdez Sextette From Hunger Series A022 48xxxx Vermae Williams
Sextette From Hunger Series A023 48xxxx Dick Peterson and the Vibra-Tones Sextette From Hunger Series A024 48xxxx Marilyn Maxwell Sextette From Hunger Series A025 48xxxx Artie Wayne Sextette From Hunger Series A026 48xxxx Marion Morgan Sextette From Hunger Show 51xxxx Ep001 Marvyn Nash
Sextette From Hunger Show 51xxxx Ep002 Eddie Miller Sextette From Hunger Show 51xxxx Ep009 Sweet Georgia Brown Sextette From Hunger Show 51xxxx Ep010 The Randolph Street Strut Show Stoppers 46xxxx Ep011 Billie Burke Show Stoppers 46xxxx Ep012 Abbott And Costello
Show Stoppers 46xxxx Ep019 Kay Kyser Show Stoppers 46xxxx Ep020 Connie Bennett Smoke Rings 510814 epxxx Stanford Radio Players 490227 Ep005 Luck Stanford Radio Players 520304 Epxxx The Ghost
Stanford Radio Players 520311 Epxxx Flight 159 Stanford Radio Players Of The Air 520219 Epxxx The Fourth Inch Stanford Radio Players Of The Air 520226 Epxxx Nightmare Beat Studio 204 540307 The Emperor Jones Studio 204 540314 Warsaw Ghetto
Sylvan Levin Opera Concert 510624 Epxxx Thomas Hayward Symphonies For Youth Ep013 510413 Final Concert Take A Number 491008 Tell Your Neighbor 490824 Epxxx A Child's Story From Utah Tell Your Neighbor 500215 Ep1185 Gum-Chewing School Child
Tell Your Neighbor 500220 Epxxx Inky This Is Nora Drake 481102 Three Sheets To The Wind 420215 Movie Promo Tom Dick & Harry 490817 Let A Smile Be your Umbrella Tums Tune Time 480629 Ep001 Stepping Out With My Baby
United Nations Opening Session 450425 San Franscisco-Concluding Remarks by Secetary of State Edward R Stettinius United Nations Opening Session 450425 San Franscisco-Speech by President Harry Truman Vignette 500112 Epxxx Voice Of Prophecy 490821 An Old Love Story witness 520213 Whittaker Chambers talks about his new book on the Communist Party
World Broadcasting System Disc 553A Montovani World Broadcasting System Disc 553B Dave Rose World Broadcasting System Disc 554A Montovani World Broadcasting System Disc 554B Montovani Your Sports Question Box 46xxxx Ep001
Your Sports Question Box 46xxxx Ep002 Your Sports Question Box 46xxxx Ep005 Your Sports Question Box 461013 Ep001 Power Failure Interupts Play Your Sugar Report 450120 Ep145 Songs, Hollywood Gossip & News You're Never Too Old 520606
You're Only Young Once 470902 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 481207 EpAud Mildred Brooks III - Dick Powell Audition