Jerry's Transcription Discs

ABC Radio Workshop 500926 EpAud The Black Dahlia Murder Case Academy Award Theater 460918 Ep026 White Cliffs Of Dover Alka Seltzer Time 531009 Ep086 On The Sunny Side Of The Street Alka Seltzer Time 531012 Ep087 Choo Choo Train Alka Seltzer Time 531013 Ep088 Moonlight
Alka Seltzer Time 531015 Ep089 When Love Goes Wrong Alka Seltzer Time 531016 Ep090 I've Got Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle Alka Seltzer Time 531019 Ep091 Moonlight When Shadows Fall Alka Seltzer Time 531020 Ep092 Choo Choo Train Alka Seltzer Time 531021 Ep093 Medley Of Hawaiian Songs
Alka Seltzer Time 531022 Ep094 It's Istanbul, Not Constantinople Alka Seltzer Time 531023 Ep095 Get Out Those Old Records Alka Seltzer Time 531026 Ep096 I Fall In Love With You Every Day Alka Seltzer Time 531027 Ep097 Honey, I'm In Love With You Alka Seltzer Time 531028 Ep098 It's Istanbul, Not Constantinople
Alka Seltzer Time 531029 Ep099 Just To Be With You Alka Seltzer Time 531030 Ep100 Put On A Bonnet Alka Seltzer Time 531103 Ep102 Sunny Side Of The Street Alka Seltzer Time 531104 Ep358 Papaya Mama Alka Seltzer Time 531105 Ep359 Gambler's Guitar
Alka Seltzer Time 531106 Ep360 Collegiate Ra-Ra-Ra Alka-Seltzer Time 510314 Epxxx My Heart Cries For You American Family Robinson 341204 Ep001 Dick's Unemployment Story American Family Robinson 351112 Ep050 Windy Bill & Miss Timmons Have Lover's Spat American Family Robinson 351119 Ep051 Luke Has Heat To Heart Talk With Windy Bill
American Family Robinson 351210 Ep054 American Family Robinson 351219 Ep055 American Family Robinson 360204 Ep062 Dick lectures Windy Bill on benefits of the capitalist system American Family Robinson 360211 Ep063 Markham Agrees To Loan In Spite Of Interferrence From Windy Bill American Family Robinson 360218 Ep064 The Harold Is Saved
American Family Robinson 360225 Ep065 American Family Robinson 360303 Ep066 Winkle Wants To Run For Mayor American Family Robinson 360310 Ep067 Planning A Bigger And Better Herold American Family Robinson 360426 Ep074 American Family Robinson 360505 Ep075
American Family Robinson 360512 Ep076 Mr Merriweather Criticizes The Harold American Family Robinson 360526 Ep078 Special Edition OF The Harold Offer American Family Robinson 360602 Ep079 American Family Robinson 360623 Ep082 American Family Robinson 360630 Ep083
American Family Robinson 360721 Ep086 American Family Robinson 360726 Ep087 Armed Forces Radio Theater xxxxxx AF0378 White Cliffs Of Dover Baseball 460823 Brooklyn Dodgers vs Cincinnati Reds Baseball 460921 Brooklyn Dodgers vs Boston Braves
Birds Eye Open House 441116 Ep007 Charles Laughton Birds Eye Open House 450920 Ep038 Joseph Cotten, Bill Goodwin Birds Eye Open House 460221 Ep060 Groucho Marx Blondie 441015 Ep264 Blondie Feuds With Woodley Blondie 481103 Ep475 Blondie And 'The Tattletale'
Blondie 481117 Ep477 Blondie Buys A Car Bob And Ray xxxxxx AF0704 Bob And Ray xxxxxx AF0705 Bob And Ray xxxxxx AF0706 Bob And Ray xxxxxx AF0707
Bob Crosby Show xxxxxx AF0012 San Fernando Valley Bob Hope 440118 Ep018 USN Repair Statiom Broadway's My Beat 531127 Ep192 Janice Bennett Chandu, The Magician 320307 Ep001 Introduction of Characters Chandu, The Magician 320307 Ep002 Threatened By An Unknown Enemy
City Hospital Xxxxxx Af0007 Iris Sinclair, Famous Singer Coconut Grove Ambassadors 31xxxx Ep007A I'm Just A Fool In Love Downbeat xxxxxx AF0188 Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Downbeat xxxxxx AF0189 Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Duffy's Tavern 490105 Ep305 Guest-Desi Arnaz
Easy Aces 400528 Epxxx Jane still trying to get part in play being produced by Dwight Harrison Easy Aces 400530 Epxxx The play is rehearsed by both Jane and Goody Edgar Bergen Show xxxxxx AF0413 Eye Witness News 420923 Ep002 Terror In Tokyo Eye Witness News 420930 Ep003 Women Also Fight
Eye Witness News 421007 Ep004 Carlson's Raiders Eye Witness News 421014 Ep005 The Ghost Flies East Eye Witness News 421021 Ep006 Rig For Attack Eye Witness News 421028 Ep007 Hell Has A Sandy Beach Forward March 52xxxx Ep035 PFC Eddie Fisher
Forward March 52xxxx Ep036 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep037 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep038 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep039 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep040 PFC Eddie Fisher
Forward March 52xxxx Ep041 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep042 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep043 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep044 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep045 PFC Eddie Fisher
Forward March 52xxxx Ep046 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep047 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep048 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep049 PFC Eddie Fisher Forward March 52xxxx Ep050 PFC Eddie Fisher
Forward March 52xxxx Ep107 Forward March 52xxxx Ep108 Gene Autry Show xxxxxx Af0292 Grantland Rice Story 550513 Ep001 Beginning At The Beginning Grantland Rice Story 550520 Ep002 The Big Fellow, Babe Ruth
Grantland Rice Story 550527 Ep003 Big Red - Man O' War Grantland Rice Story 550603 Ep004 Jack Dempsey, The Man From Maumee Bay Grantland Rice Story 550610 Ep005 Dempsey-Tunney Fights Grantland Rice Story 550617 Ep006 Great Athletes - Past And Present Grantland Rice Story 550624 Ep007 The Story Of Big Bill Tilden
Grantland Rice Story 550701 Ep008 Golf And Its Champions Grantland Rice Story 550708 Ep009 The Incredible Man, Walter Hagen Grantland Rice Story 550715 Ep010 Granny's All-Time Pitching Selection Grantland Rice Story 550722 Ep011 The Story Of Jack Dempsey's Early Ring Career Grantland Rice Story 550729 Ep012 Granny's Story Of Gene Tunney
Grantland Rice Story 550805 Ep013 War Clouds-World War I Grantland Rice Story 550812 Ep014 Bobby Jones-The Incomparable Youth Grantland Rice Story 550819 Ep015 Football's Beloved Knute Rockne Grantland Rice Story 550826 Ep016 The Immortal Bobby Jones Grantland Rice Story 550902 Ep017 Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Grantland Rice Story 550909 Ep018 Granny's All-Time Baseball Team Grantland Rice Story 550916 Ep019 Baseball Managers Grantland Rice Story 550923 Ep020 Granny's All-Time Football Team Grantland Rice Story 550930 Ep021 Magnificent Screwballs Grantland Rice Story 551007 Ep022 The Fabulous Ty Cobb
Grantland Rice Story 551014 Ep023 Football's Famous Coaches Grantland Rice Story 551021 Ep024 Football's Advance Guard Grantland Rice Story 551028 Ep025 Uncle Remus And Some Others Grantland Rice Story 551104 Ep026 My Friend Joe Louis Grantland Rice Story 551111 Ep027 Sport Films
Grantland Rice Story 551118 Ep028 Sports Writers Grantland Rice Story 551125 Ep029 Bantam Ben Hogan Grantland Rice Story 551202 Ep030 Through The Mists Grantland Rice Story 551209 Ep031 Polo's Greatest Grantland Rice Story 551216 Ep032 Jim Thorpe
Grantland Rice Story 551223 Ep033 TV And Sport Grantland Rice Story 551230 Ep034 Knute Rockne Grantland Rice Story 560106 Ep035 Granny's Own Voice Grantland Rice Story 560113 Ep036 An Appraisal Of The Game 'Football' Grantland Rice Story 560120 Ep037 Turkey Hunting
Grantland Rice Story 560127 Ep038 The Man Who Hates To Lose Grantland Rice Story 560203 Ep039 Gene Tunney 2nd Installment Grantland Rice Story 560210 Ep040 'Red' Blaik Of Army Grantland Rice Story 560217 Ep041 The Mighty Mites Grantland Rice Story 560224 Ep042 Writers And Pals
Grantland Rice Story 560302 Ep043 Ed Furgol's Greatest Victory Grantland Rice Story 560309 Ep044 Irwin S Cobb - A Man Of Heart Grantland Rice Story 560316 Ep045 The Sports Public - And Ted Williams Grantland Rice Story 560323 Ep046 Ruth's Homer Grantland Rice Story 560330 Ep047 The Big Game
Grantland Rice Story 560406 Ep048 What Makes A Competitor Grantland Rice Story 560413 Ep049 Famous Football Coaches Grantland Rice Story 560420 Ep050 The Uncrowned Champs Grantland Rice Story 560427 Ep051 Granddaddy Of The Blues, And Some Football Memories Grantland Rice Story 560504 Ep052 Memorable Tributes To Granny Rice
Gunsmoke 530110 Ep038 Word Of Honor Halls Of Ivy 501122 Ep039 Jack Benny Visits Ivy Harvest Of Stars 481229 Ep037 What Could Be Safer Hawaii Calls 580418 AF0197 Hawthorne Thing 48xxxx AF0002 Turning Lights On And Off
Human Adventure 451028 Ep081 Witchcraft Hurricane Alert xxxxxx AF0015 Dramatic Story of Army's Response To Disasters Inside Track xxxxxx Ep333 Inside Track xxxxxx Ep334 Inside Track xxxxxx Ep476
Inside Track xxxxxx Ep494 It Pays To Be Ignorant 440512 Ep084 Is It Bad Luck To Postpone A Wedding Jackie Gleason-Les Tremayne Show 440813 Ep001 Guest-Edgar Bergen Joan Davis Show 480327 Ep026 Selling Classified Advertizing Kraft Music Hall 481202 Ep010 Peggy Lee
Leave It To The Girls 461109 Ep058 A Woman Wants To Tell Her Mother She's Engaged Lux Radio Theater 440424 Ep437 This Land Is Mine My Friend Irma 470516 Ep006 Jane And Irma Lose Their Jobs My Friend Irma 470721 Ep015 Beethoven School Of Music Passing Parade 490430 AF0086 The Mystery Of the Three Large Teeth
Passing Parade 4900423 AF0085 The American Black Chamber Phone Again Finnegan Ep006 Selling The 'Welcome Arms' Apartment Portraits In Music xxxxxx AF0067 Percy Faith Red Skelton Show 461001 Ep031 People Who Feel The Things They Do Are Unimportant Red Skelton Show 461008 Ep032 If You Have A Beef, Don't Air It, Eat It
Red Skelton Show 461015 Ep033 People Who Worry Red Skelton Show 461022 Ep034 Lost Boy Red Skelton Show 461029 Ep035 People Who Never Really Accomplish Anything Red Skelton Show 461105 Ep036 Photography Red Skelton Show 461112 Ep037 The Blessed Event
Red Skelton Show 461119 Ep038 Automobile Parking Troubles Red Skelton Show 461126 Ep039 People Who Give Dinners To Impress Friends Red Skelton Show 461203 Ep040 Railroads Red Skelton Show 461210 Ep041 People And Dogs Red Skelton Show 461217 Ep042 Department Stores
Red Skelton Show 461224 Ep043 Christmas Stories Red Skelton Show 461231 Ep044 Old Man Winter Red Skelton Show 470107 Ep045 Education And Schools Red Skelton Show 470114 Ep046 Dancing Red Skelton Show 470121 Ep047 Something About Police
Red Skelton Show 470128 Ep048 Jealousy Red Skelton Show 470204 Ep049 Elevators Red Skelton Show 470211 Ep050 Taxi Cabs Red Skelton Show 470218 Ep051 Fingerprints Red Skelton Show 470225 Ep052 Travel To Hawaii
Red Skelton Show 470304 Ep053 Great American Pastime-Dancing Red Skelton Show 470311 Ep054 Rival Cad Drivers Red Skelton Show 470318 Ep055 Peanuts Red Skelton Show 470325 Ep056 Careless Driving Red Skelton Show 470401 Ep057 Traffic Court
Red Skelton Show 470408 Ep058 Things We Never Knew About Buses Red Skelton Show 490429 AF0171 Socialized Medicine Red Skelton Show xxxxxx Af0168 Stagecoach Robert Q Lewis Show AF0444 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0445
Robert Q Lewis Show AF0446 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0447 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0448 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0449 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0450
Robert Q Lewis Show AF0451 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0452 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0453 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0456 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0457
Robert Q Lewis Show AF0458 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0459 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0466 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0467 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0468
Robert Q Lewis Show AF0470 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0471 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0498 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0499 Robert Q Lewis Show AF0576
Robert Q Lewis Show AF0577 Saga 550801 Ep046 A Saga Of The Revolution Science Magazine Of The Air 450919 Ep068 Witchcraft Science Magazine Of The Air 451003 Ep070 From Muscle To Machine Sealtest Variety Theater 481223 Ep015 Christmas Show
Sealtest Variety Theater 490317 Ep026 Live From The Shamrock Hotel -- Really Live Show World 400108 Ep002 Edward Everett Horton Sports Answer Man xxxxxx Ep0076 Sports Answer Man xxxxxx Ep0242 Sports Answer Man xxxxxx Ep0494
Sports Roundup 470518 Epxxx Baseball Hot And Cold Streaks Story Behind The Story 580602 AF1326 Scientific Forgery Fooled World For Half A Century Story Behind The Story 580603 AF1327 Familiar Words And Phrases Changed Meanings Story Behind The Story 580604 AF1328 Little Known Military 'Operation Vengeance' Story Behind The Story 580605 AF1329 Hawaiian Islands-Part 1
Story Behind The Story 580630 AF1346 The Problem Of Perpetual Motion Story Behind The Story 580701 AF1347 The General Montgomery Hoax Story Behind The Story 580702 AF1348 Helen Of Troy Story Behind The Story 580703 AF1349 Little Known British Military 'Operation Renovate' Suspense 490106 Ep322 To Find Help
Swingtime xxxxxx AF0067 Tommy Dorsey Swingtime xxxxxx AF0068 Hal McIntire, The Four Vagabonds Truth Or Consequences xxxxxx AF0071 Host-Jack Bailey Turn Back The Clock xxxxxx AF1071 The Hucklebuck Turn Back The Clock xxxxxx AF1072 Jump For Joy
Uncle Lou's Theater 47xxxx Audition 1 The Three Musketeers Uncle Lou's Theater 47xxxx Audition 2 The Three Musketeers Wings Over The West Coast 441130 Epxxx Importance Of Forwarding Addresses Wings Over The West Coast 441206 Epxxx Norton Bomb Site Yarns For Yanks xxxxxx AF0163 The Lacework Kid
Yarns For Yanks xxxxxx AF0164 Reformation Your Radio Theater 440424 AF0018 This Land Is Mine